Hi, I'm Alia.

I have a passion for animals..especially dogs!! I show horses on an equestrian show team as well as 4H. Animals have been my whole life since I can remember. I enjoy working at Wags n Wiggles because I love spending time with my four legged best buds and learning more about each animal and their family!

Denecia has been with us since the beginning. She brings a spunk to the playroom and loves every dog like her won. She is currently studying zoology at Ohio Wesleyan, but she always comes back for her breaks and holidays!

My name is Austin Caylor and I am currently a senior entrepreneurship major at Wittenberg University. First and foremost I have had a dog my entire life so I really enjoy being around and interacting with them. My favorite part of the job is witnessing the dogs interact and seeing their personalities come out. Having the opportunity to intern with Laura has been a great experience. I have been able to witness true entrepreneurship in action and learn a great deal from it. 


I have been working with and training dogs all my life.  My dogs have been competing in agility since 1996 and have traveled many thousands of miles doing so. They have competed at the National & International level for many years. In addition to agility, my dogs have played and competed in obedience, rally obedience, lure coursing, tracking and scent work, various water sports and protection sports. I have wrangled and trained dogs
(and cats) for print ads, TV, movies & music videos. I believe my dogs have taught me well, and my favorite times in the world have been spent in the company of dogs


​​Mercedes - Groomer

To me there is nothing more satisfying than working with animals. My first job, at eight years old, was to take care of animals at a vet clinic. After branching out to retail and factory, I quickly learned that the only place I would truly enjoy is working with animals. I am honored and ecstatic that I am trusted to love and care for your pups!



Laura Fazio - Owner

Wags N Wiggles


Hi! I'm Skylar. I'm a junior at Wittenberg University, with a major in Early Childhood Education. Though I love working with kids, I daresay I enjoy working with the dogs even more!

I have worked at Wags n Wiggles since it opened in 2015. I have fallen in love with this job and all it has to offer. It also allows me to  coach kids sports in my spare time. My dog Scrappy and I have grown into fine individuals thanks to Wags n Wiggles.



I was born and raised in Texas, where I grew up working with animals of all shapes and sizes in my families animal shelter. I started grooming dogs when I was in high school and at 18 I became a certified Veterinary assistant. I move to Ohio to pursue a Bachelors in Zoology from OSU. I got the opportunity to work at the Columbus Zoo. Animals have always had a piece of my life and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Hi, I'm Courtney. I am 19 years old and attend Wittenberg University. I am a biology major with a pre-vet focus. I love working with all the dogs here at Wags n Wiggles!


My name is Hannah, and I work for Wags n Wiggles and Veterinary Services. I have grown up loving animals my whole life. They have always been a part of my heart. I am going to school to become a vet technician and continue my journey caring for animals. I enjoy working at Wags n Wiggles and seeing all different types of dogs. I have a Golden Retriever named Daisy. She is my best friend whom I love dearly!


I have worked at Wags N Wiggles since it opened in 2015. I have always been a dog lover and enjoy greeting our four-legged friends on Saturday mornings. I am the mom to one Aussie, Stone. In my free time I like to travel and spend time with family.

Hi, I'm Reide. I am a nursing major at Clark State! My job at Wags n Wiggles is awesome. I love playing with your puppies and giving them lots of love!

After surviving 25 years of corporate America and life changing experiences, I decided it was time to change my life, to start a new beginning. To pursue a dream of working with dogs and living my life with passion.
After conducting thorough research , I built Wags n Wiggles specifically for the safety, health and happiness of our canine fur­babies. Knowing your dog is loved and cared for while you are not available relieves stress on both the parent and the dog.
We provide dogs with social skills, mental stimulation and exercise affords parents the building blocks necessary to foster and develop a loving relationship with their dogs.

Jane - Trainer