Our staff will assess your dog for

appropriate social skills.

Please schedule in advance!

Expect to leave your dog

​for 1-3 hours for the evaluation.

Wags N Wiggles Daycare Behavior Evaluation Details

1. Registration form must be completed prior to Behavior Analysis.​

2. Free Behavior Evaluation must be performed by WnW Staff before first day of care.

​3. Dogs must be four months or older

4. Dogs over six months must be spayed or neutered

​5. Dogs must be current on all vaccinations with records submitted.

       Bordatella is required every six months.

​6. We recommend dogs be on a flea control and heartworm preventative program

We want all our dogs to play in a happy, healthy and safe environment! To ensure that happens we have a few basic rules for our pooches (and their humans) to follow

Wags N Wiggles Guidelines

Wags N Wiggles