We provide a fun, safe, nurturing environment that will provide exercise, mental stimulation and socialization for your dog. While here, your dog will run and play in our 4,000 square feet climate-controlled, supervised play area in Springfield, Ohio. We also have plenty of tennis balls! If your dog needs a break he can relax and take a quick nap.

We have a 24 hours security system to keep your pet safe!

We take all sizes, shapes and breeds.

Dogs must be 4 months old for admittance and spayed or neutered after 6mo of age.

All dogs must be current on vaccinations and owners must submit records for admittance. We recommend Bordetella (Kennel Cough) every six months. We also require all dogs be on a heartworm and flea control program.

Who Can Play at Wags N Wiggles?

 Day care is a great way to decrease stress, anxiety and boredom in your dog. Each dog receives personal attention from our caring staff, along with interaction with other dogs to promote socialization and teach appropriate play behavior. Wags n Wiggles is the ideal environment for your dog to play and interact safely with other dogs.

Why Wags N Wiggles in Springfield?

Just like people—dogs need social skills. 

Regular play builds your dog’s confidence and improves the ability to communicate and interact with other dogs and people. 

You get a break from your daily dog routine! 

Your dog will be happy and pleasantly tired at pick up time—ready to eat dinner and relax at home with you.

Wags N Wiggles